• VMware 3V0-22.21 Dumps

VMware 3V0-22.21 Dumps

Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 7.x

    EXAM CODE : 3V0-22.21

    UPDATION DATE : 2023-03-28





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Sample Questions

Question 1

The company's IT strategy is to adopt innovative and emerging technologies such as software-defined storage solution. The IT team has decided to run their business-critical workloads on an all-flash Virtual SAN (vSAN) as it provides excellent performance. The IT team has purchased servers that are compatible with vSAN. However, all the solidstate drives (SSD) in the servers are shown incorrectly as hard-disk drives (HDD) instead. In addition, some of the solid-state drives (SSD) will be used for other purposes instead of vSAN and should not be part of the vSAN cluster. These are the requirements for the vSAN cluster: •In each server, use the 3GB SSD as the cache tier and the 11GB SSD as the capacity tier • As a result the vSAN cluster will use a total of six SSDs (three SSDs for caching and three SSDs for capacity • Ensure all the disks that will be used for vSAN are shown correctly as SSDs • Provide storage savings by using deduplication and compression. Next, the IT team wants to improve the performance and availability of the business-critical workloads on the vSAN-datastore. Ensure the following configurations will be applied on existing and new workloads located on vSAN-datastore: Number of disk stripes per object: 2 Primary level of failures to tolerate: 2 Failure tolerance method: RAID-1 (Mirroring) Force provisioning; Yes The new configurations should be applied by default. You may create new storage policy but do not edit the default vSAN storage policy as it may be used by other vSAN clusters in the future. Name the policy "New vSAN Default'. Nate-. All tasks should be executed in PROD-A host cluster.


Question 2

Your team is experiencing intermittent issues with esxi0la and you have been asked to configure the host to export its syslog data to a preconfigured syslog collector. To complete this task, you must: • Configure esxi0la.vciass.local to send syslog events to an external syslog collector on • Ensure that the ESXi host security policies allow the syslog traffic to pass.


Question 3

You are doing an audit for vCenter Server vcsa0la s inventory. On the desktop, you will find a folder named "powercli-question". In the folder, there is a script named "vds-script.psl". Your colleague needs some help to get it working as expected. Your task is to modify the script so that it exports a list of virtual machines, enables promiscuous mode on PCLIPortgroup. and exports PCLl-Portgroup. 


Question 4

Your security team is getting ready for an audit and wants to check the status of all ESXI hosts' outstanding security patches. Create a new fixed Update Manager baseline for all security ESXi host patches and name it ''Security patches. ''Use the patches available in the patch repository. Use VCSA01a in this task. Baseline Name: Security Patches Baseline Type: Host Patch Category: Security


Question 5

The Virtual Infrastructure team wants to share a VM Template from vcsa0la to vcsa0lb via content libraries. Ensure that the content in the libraries is synchronized only when needed. • Name of Published Content Library in vcsa0la: CL01 • Name of Subscribed Content Library in vcsa0lb: CL02 • For both content libraries, use the local datastore: SAN01 • VM Template to be shared: Core-Template After the Core-Template has been synchronized from CL01 to CL02. deploy a virtual machine from VM-Template on vcsa0lb • Name of virtual machine: CL-VM • Host for virtual machine: »sxi03b 


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