Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)


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Sample Questions

Question 1

Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
Your organization, the Chicago (U.S.)-based Society for Urban Greenspace, has used the
same vendor to
operate all aspects of an online store for several years. As a small nonprofit, the Society
cannot afford the higher-priced options, but you have been relatively satisfied with this
budget vendor, Shopping Cart Saver (SCS). Yes, there have been some issues. Twice,
people who purchased items from the store have had their credit card information used
fraudulently subsequent to transactions on your site, but in neither case did the
investigation reveal with certainty that the Society’s store had been hacked. The thefts
could have been employee-related.
Just as disconcerting was an incident where the organization discovered that SCS had sold
information it had collected from customers to third parties. However, as Jason Roland,
your SCS account representative, points out, it took only a phone call from you to clarify
expectations and the “misunderstanding” has not occurred again.
As an information-technology program manager with the Society, the role of the privacy
professional is only one of many you play. In all matters, however, you must consider the
financial bottom line. While these problems with privacy protection have been significant,
the additional revenues of sales of items such as shirts and coffee cups from the store
have been significant. The Society’s operating budget is slim, and all sources of revenue
are essential.
Now a new challenge has arisen. Jason called to say that starting in two weeks, the
customer data from the store would now be stored on a data cloud. “The good news,” he
says, “is that we have found a low-cost provider in Finland, where the data would also be
held. So, while there may be a small charge to pass through to you, it won’t be exorbitant,
especially considering the advantages of a cloud.”
Lately, you have been hearing about cloud computing and you know it’s fast becoming the
new paradigm for various applications. However, you have heard mixed reviews about the
potential impacts on privacy protection. You begin to research and discover that a number
of the leading cloud service providers have signed a letter of intent to work together on
shared conventions and technologies for privacy protection. You make a note to find out if
Jason’s Finnish provider is signing on.
What process can best answer your Questions about the vendor’s data security

A. A second-party of supplier audit 

B. A reference check with other clients 

C. A table top demonstration of a potential threat 

D. A public records search for earlier legal violations 


Question 2

An organization's privacy officer was just notified by the benefits manager that she
accidentally sent out the retirement enrollment report of all employees to a wrong vendor.
Which of the following actions should the privacy officer take first?

A. Perform a risk of harm analysis. 

B. Report the incident to law enforcement. 

C. Contact the recipient to delete the email. 

D. Send firm-wide email notification to employees. 


Question 3

An organization’s internal audit team should do all of the following EXCEPT?

A. Implement processes to correct audit failures. 

B. Verify that technical measures are in place. 

C. Review how operations work in practice. 

D. Ensure policies are being adhered to. 


Question 4

Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
John is the new privacy officer at the prestigious international law firm – A&M LLP. A&M
LLP is very proud of its reputation in the practice areas of Trusts & Estates and Merger &
Acquisition in both U.S. and Europe.
During lunch with a colleague from the Information Technology department, John heard
that the Head of IT, Derrick, is about to outsource the firm's email continuity service to their
existing email security vendor – MessageSafe. Being successful as an email hygiene
vendor, MessageSafe is expanding its business by leasing cloud infrastructure from Cloud
Inc. to host email continuity service for A&M LLP.
John is very concerned about this initiative. He recalled that MessageSafe was in the news
six months ago due to a security breach. Immediately, John did a quick research of
MessageSafe's previous breach and learned that the breach was caused by an
unintentional mistake by an IT administrator. He scheduled a meeting with Derrick to
address his concerns.
At the meeting, Derrick emphasized that email is the primary method for the firm's lawyers
to communicate with clients, thus it is critical to have the email continuity service to avoid
any possible email downtime. Derrick has been using the anti-spam service provided by
MessageSafe for five years and is very happy with the quality of service provided by
MessageSafe. In addition to the significant discount offered by MessageSafe, Derrick
emphasized that he can also speed up the onboarding process since the firm already has a
service contract in place with MessageSafe. The existing on-premises email continuity
solution is about to reach its end of life very soon and he doesn't have the time or resource
to look for another solution. Furthermore, the off- premises email continuity service will only
be turned on when the email service at A&M LLP's primary and secondary data centers are
both down, and the email messages stored at MessageSafe site for continuity service will
be automatically deleted after 30 days.
Which of the following is a TRUE statement about the relationship among the

A. Cloud Inc. must notify A&M LLP of a data breach immediately. 

B. MessageSafe is liable if Cloud Inc. fails to protect data from A&M LLP. 

C. Cloud Inc. should enter into a data processor agreement with A&M LLP. 

D. A&M LLP's service contract must be amended to list Cloud Inc. as a sub-processor. 


Question 5

Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
Edufox has hosted an annual convention of users of its famous e-learning software
platform, and over time, it has become a grand event. It fills one of the large downtown
conference hotels and overflows into the others, with several thousand attendees enjoying
three days of presentations, panel discussions and networking. The convention is the
centerpiece of the company's product rollout schedule and a great training opportunity for
current users. The sales force also encourages prospective clients to attend to get a better
sense of the ways in which the system can be customized to meet diverse needs and
understand that when they buy into this system, they are joining a community that feels like
This year's conference is only three weeks away, and you have just heard news of a new
initiative supporting it: a smartphone app for attendees. The app will support late
registration, highlight the featured presentations and provide a mobile version of the
conference program. It also links to a restaurant reservation system with the best cuisine in
the areas featured. "It's going to be great," the developer, Deidre Hoffman, tells you, "if,
that is, we actually get it working!" She laughs nervously but explains that because of the
tight time frame she'd been given to build the app, she outsourced the job to a local firm.
"It's just three young people," she says, "but they do great work." She describes some of
the other apps they have built. When asked how they were selected for this job, Deidre
shrugs. "They do good work, so I chose them."
Deidre is a terrific employee with a strong track record. That's why she's been charged to
deliver this rushed project. You're sure she has the best interests of the company at heart,
and you don't doubt that she's under pressure to meet a deadline that cannot be pushed
back. However, you have concerns about the app's handling of personal data and its
security safeguards. Over lunch in the break room, you start to talk to her about it, but she
quickly tries to reassure you, "I'm sure with your help we can fix any security issues if we
have to, but I doubt there'll be any. These people build apps for a living, and they know
what they're doing. You worry too much, but that's why you're so good at your job!"
Which is the best first step in understanding the data security practices of a potential

A. Requiring the vendor to complete a questionnaire assessing International Organization
for Standardization (ISO) 27001 compliance. 

B. Conducting a physical audit of the vendor's facilities. 

C. Conducting a penetration test of the vendor's data security structure. 

D. Examining investigation records of any breaches the vendor has experienced. 


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