• Google Google-Workspace-Administrator Dumps

Google Google-Workspace-Administrator Dumps

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Google Workspace Administrator

    EXAM CODE : Google-Workspace-Administrator

    UPDATION DATE : 2023-03-28





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Sample Questions

Question 1

You recently started an engagement with an organization that is also using Google Workspace. The engagement will involve highly sensitive data, and the data needs to be protected from being shared with unauthorized parties both internally and externally. You need to ensure that this data is properly secured. Which configuration should you implement? 

A. Turn on external sharing with whitelisted domains, and add the external organization to the whitelist. 
B. Provision accounts within your domain for the external users, and turn off external sharing for that Org. 
C. Configure the Drive DLP rules to prevent the sharing of PII and PHI outside of your domain. 
D. Create a Team Drive for this engagement, and limit the memberships and sharing settings. 


Question 2

Your employer, a media and entertainment company, wants to provision Google Workspace Enterprise accounts on your domain for several world-famous celebrities. Leadership is concerned with ensuring that these VIPs are afforded a high degree of privacy. Only a small group of senior employees must be able to look up contact information and initiate collaboration with the VIPs using Google Workspace services such as Docs, Chat, and Calendar. You are responsible for configuring to meet these requirements. What should you do?

A. In the Users list, find the VIPs and turn off the User setting “Directory Sharing.” 
B. Create a Group for the VIPs and their handlers, and set the Group Access Level to Restricted. 
C. In Directory Settings, disable Contact Sharing. 
D. Create separate Custom Directories for the VIPs and regular employees. 


Question 3

On which two platforms can you push WiFi connection information with Google Workspace? (Choose two.) 

A. Mac OS 
B. Windows 
C. Chrome OS 
D. iOS E. Linux 


Question 4

After making a recent migration to Google Workspace, you updated your Google Cloud Directory Sync configuration to synchronize the global address list. Users are now seeing duplicate contacts in their global directory in Google Workspace. You need to resolve this issue. What should you do? 

A. Train users to use Google Workspace’s merge contacts feature. 
B. Enable directory contact deduplication in the Google Workspace Admin panel. 
C. Update shared contact search rules to exclude internal users. 
D. Create a new global directory, and delete the original. 


Question 5

The CFO just informed you that one of their team members wire-transferred money to the wrong account because they received an email that appeared to be from the CFO. The CFO has provided a list of all users that may be responsible for sending wire transfers. The CFO also provided a list of banks the company sends wire transfers to. There are no external users that should be requesting wire transfers. The CFO is working with the bank to resolve the issue and needs your help to ensure that this does not happen again. What two actions should you take? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure objectionable content to reject messages with the words “wire transfer.” 
B. Verify that DMARC, DKIM, and SPF records are configured correctly for your domain. 
C. Create a rule requiring secure transport for all messages regarding wire transfers. 
D. Add the sender of the wire transfer email to the blocked senders list. 
E. Enable all admin settings in Gmail's safety > spoofing and authentication.