• Amazon ANS-C00 Dumps

Amazon ANS-C00 Dumps

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam


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Sample Questions

Question 1

An organization will be expanding its current network design. When fully built out, there will be 99 VPCs spread across 11 AWS accounts (9 VPCs per account). There is currently an AWS Direct Connect connection into one account with 9 VPCs, each with a virtual network interface (VIF) per VPC. 

Which of the following designs will minimize cost while allowing the organization to expand?

A. Order 10 new Direct Connect connections, one from each of the accounts that will be provisioned. Create private VIFs in each account. Attach one private VIF per VPC. 

B. Create a public VIF on the Direct Connect connection. Leverage the public VIF to create a VPN connection to each VPC. 

C. Create hosted private VIFs in the existing account. Connect a private VIF to an AWS Direct Connect gateway in each account. Connect the gateway in each account to the VPCs. 

D. Create a transit VPC in the existing account that consists of two routers in separate Availability Zones. Connect each VPC to the two routers in the transit VPC by using VPN.


Question 2

Changes made to a security group attached to an Application Load Balancer resulted in connectivity issues for a company's production web application. The Network Engineer needs to lock down permissions for the company's AWS account, automate auditing for any changes, and set up notifications.
What actions should accomplish this?

A. Configure IAM user policies to lock down permissions for specific users. Enable AWS CloudTrail to identify API calls from users. Use AWS Config to audit any changes, and configure Amazon SNS to send notifications

B. Configure IAM user policies to lock down permissions for specific users. Enable AWS CloudTrail to identify the API calls from users. Configure AWS CodeCommit to audit any changes in configurations, and configure Amazon SNS to send notifications. 

C. Configure IAM user policies to lock down permissions for specific users. Enable AWS CloudTrail to identify the API calls from users. Configure Amazon Macie to use machine learning to identify any configuration changes, and configure Amazon SNS to send notifications.

D. Configure IAM role policies to lock down permissions for specific users. Configure Amazon GuardDuty to audit and monitor configuration changes, and configure Amazon SNS to send notifications


Question 3

You are preparing to launch Amazon WorkSpaces and need to configure the appropriate networking resources. What must be configured to meet this requirement?

A. At least two subnets in different Availability Zones

B. A dedicated VPC with Active Directory Services.

C. An IPsec VPN to on-premises Active Directory

D. Network address translation for outbound traffic.


Question 4

A customer is using ABC Telecom as a network provider. The customer has 10 different offices connected to ABC Telecom’s MPLS backbone. The customer is setting up an AWS Direct Connect connection to AWS and has provided the LOA-CFA to ABC Telecom. ABC Telecom has terminated the Direct Connect circuit into their MPLS backbone. To uniquely identify the customer’s traffic over the MPLS backbone, the customer must encapsulate all traffic with VLAN tag 100. The customer wants to send traffic to multiple VPCs.
Which two steps should be taken to meet the customer’s requirement? (Select two.)

A. The customer performs Q-in-Q tunneling, with the AWS-required VLAN tag in the inside and VLAN 100 as the outside tag.

B. Create a support ticket with AWS to request the removal of the outer VLAN tag 100 as the traffic reaches AWS routers.

C. Send the traffic for all VPCs with the same VLAN tag 100 and use BGP to ensure that proper routing takes place to the appropriate VPC.

D. ABC Telecom removes the other tag before sending the packet to AWS.

E. ABC Telecom creates a support ticket with AWS to exchange MPLS labels and include the AWS port as part of their MPLS network.


Question 5

A network engineer has configured a private hosted zone using Amazon Route 53. The engineer needs to configure health checks for record sets within the zone that are associated with instances. 
How can the engineer meet the requirements?

A. Configure a Route 53 health check to a private IP associated with the instances inside the VPC to be checked. 

B. Configure a Route 53 health check pointing to an Amazon SNS topic that notifies an Amazon CloudWatch alarm when the Amazon EC2 StatusCheckFailed metric fails.

C. Create a CloudWatch metric that checks the status of the EC2 StatusCheckFailed metric, add an alarm to the metric, and then create a health check that is based on the state of the alarm.

D. Create a CloudWatch alarm for the StatusCheckFailed metric and choose Recover this instance, selecting a threshold value of 1


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