• Acquia Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8 Dumps

Acquia Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8 Dumps

Acquia Certified Site Builder - Drupal 8

    EXAM CODE : Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8

    UPDATION DATE : 2023-03-30





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Sample Questions

Question 1

You are creating a page listing products for sale You've been asked to make sure that each
product in the list includes an image, a title, and a price When the user clicks the title or
picture, she will be taken to a detail page showing a full description of the product.
How can you make sure that the listing page only contains the fields noted, without
removing the description field from the detail page?
Choose 2 answers

A. Use the Views module to create a list of all products, and make sure it displays each
product row as fields. Add the
image, title, and price fields to the view's field list

B. Create a second content type called "Product Overview", which only contains the image,
title, and price fields Use
the Views module to create a list of all of these Product Overview nodes, but link their titles
to their corresponding Product nodes.

C. Use custom display settings for the "Teaser" view mode and configure it to display only
the image, title, and price fields Use the Views module tocreate a list of all products,
displaying each row as content using the "Teaser" view mode.

D. Use the Views module to create a list of all products Configure the view to hide the
description field by adding a custom CSS class to its wrapper


Question 2

The content editor assigned toapprove comments on the site wants to see all the
unapproved comments sorted by the node on which they are posted, but can't do this on
the Comments page
What is the simplest way to solve this problem?

A. Edit the Comments View; and update the table settings to make the Entity ID field

B. Create a View of unapproved comments and set the sort order to "Entity ID "

C. Have the content editor review comments by visiting the node instead of using the
Comments page

D. Create an Export view, so the content editor can review comments in a spreadsheet


Question 3

An English language site is being translated to add Spanish and German versions, and you
want to make it as easy as possible for Spanish or German speakers to see the correct
What are three methods for displaying a translated page to a site visitor without using
custom code'? Choose 3 answers

A. Set up path prefixes or domains for each language, and enable the option to select the
language from the URL

B. Enable the option to detect the language from the browser's language settings.

C. Create a splash page with a List of available languages

D. Enable geolocation and load the language based on the location of the sitevisitor's

E. Turn on the "User" detection method, to follow the user's language preference.


Question 4

On a site you manage there is a contact form that works well for the Retail Sales unit, but
the Commercial Sales manager doesn't want to receive submissions that are about retail
How can you solve this problem in Drupal?

A. Add "Retail Sales" and "Business Sales" categories to the contact form, and set up a
Recipients list for each category

B. Add a new contact form for Commercial Sales inquiries, and update the Recipients list
for each form to send submissions to the right people.

C. Use an add-on module like Webform. since Core doesn't offer this feature

D. Since there is only one Contact form, create a Content type with fields to collect the
information Commercial Sales needs, and set permissions to allow anonymous users to
create content


Question 5

You are pitching for development of a Drupal based website to yournew customer. You
want to emphasize how flexible Drupal is.
Which THREE points would support your case? Choose 3 answers

A. Drupal has configurable content types and field types for modeling content.

B. Drupal allows you to build pages containing lists ofcontent using UL

C. Drupal.org has an online store where you can purchase modules and themes.

D. Drupal allows you to directly rename database columns from the Ul.

E. Drupal allows you to create customized and branded site designs.